Tourin/Ballinwillin Gaa

Ballinwilling Team Song 1912-1913

The last fight is over the championship is won
And to old Ballinwilling the medals have come,
Long may they wear them and ever be true
To the team and its colours, the white and royal blue

To the Captain Jack Barry and his brother, Mick,
The O'Briens and the O'Donnells, Spillane and Kemp
To Skinner and Russell great merit is due,
For in every tussle they fought for the blue

Long life to Bill Neill from the town of Lismore
Our lads have to thank him for many a score,
And the Ballyduff boys give a cheer for them, too,
For in every tussle they fought for the blue.

Blocker Dower, may your shadow never grow less,
Paddy Doocey of all that bright band is the best,
If the goal posts could speak,they may well say twas you,
The honours have won for the boys that wore blue,

They beat Cappoquin the first team of the lot,
The Aglish men next, they went down like a shot,
They were both splendid teams, but that would'nt do,
For nothing, it seems, was to conquer the blue.

The valiant Park Rangers went down 'neath their sway,
They thought they could beat them in Whitechurch that day,
They were sadly mistaken, for little they knew,
The stuff that was making the boys that wore blue.

And then Kinsalebeg a team of renown
But soon Ballinwilling their colours pulled down,
They knew from the start they had hard work to do,
They were bruised, but not beaten, 'twas up with the blue.

And now that the Kickhams are neatly knocked out,
Let up Ballinwilling again be the shout,
Up with the captain and up with his men,
And up Ballinwilling,again and again